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Leadership Impact Workshop powered by the GC Index

Fluid Moves International’s Leadership Impact Workshop is an impactful way to drive leadership teams to collaborate, leverage team and individual strengths, create awareness and shared goals, and create impact together that drives business performance. Created to support teams of leaders in understanding each other, their strengths and proclivities, and creating better ways to effectively work as a team.

Do you want to have a more effective leadership team? Want to overcome differences and find ways to leverage the strengths and natural energy of each individual leader to create greater impact across the business?
Leaders often come at problems from very different perspectives, developed based on their experiences, understanding, and personal proclivities. When harnessed, these can be an organization’s greatest strength. However, when leadership teams are not in harmony or working effectively together it can create negative working environments or negatively impact the ability of the organization to achieve goals leading to retention issues, disputes, misalignment, and failure to deliver results all impacting the future of the business.
Closely guided by a Fluid Moves and GC Partner coach, leaders complete the GC Index and an individual feedback session to understand their individual profile, and how they add value and create impact. Following this, the team workshop explores how individual profiles can be brought together to create an effective, collaborative, and understanding team with a shared purpose.

- Learn what our strengths and gaps are as individuals and a team
- To be able to leverage the strengths and address the gaps.
- Understand what Impactful Collaboration would look like in this team.
- Leverage a language and framework to align people and make better business decisions to support our business goals across the company

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