Team Coaching

Encouraging collective ownership and accountability

Team Coaching

By encouraging collective ownership and accountability, Fluid Moves’ Group & Team Coaching supports organisations to maximise human potential and address the needs of the whole professional group, department or cross functional team.

A positive team dynamic can deliver impressive commercial results, and leading corporates from a wide variety of business sectors work with us, helping internal teams to work in a more constructive and collaborative manner.

To improve team performance and impact, the most effective coaching is undertaken whilst members are collaborating. During this time the team members are coached as a single unit in order to develop clarity of vision and a common ambition to improve the organisation’s business results. This creates high levels of motivation and helps to achieve an effective approach to team tasks, driving the team to achieve organisational objectives and individual goals.

As professional boundaries and borders shift, influential business groups require heightened awareness, understanding and appreciation of each team member’s strengths and views. It is important that the whole system is considered as the teams ability to improve performance and implement sustainable change is influenced equally by external and internal influences. Our Group Coaching Executive Programmes effectively support open dialogue, diffuse group tensions and can greatly assists in team development and professional output.
Shirley Attenborough
Partner, Fluid Moves

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